3 Ways You Can Pray for Easter at Pinelake

03.23.16 | Spiritual Growth | by John UpChurch

We’re a people of expectation. When we follow Jesus, we’re waiting with hope for His return (Luke 12:36), we’re eagerly expecting our adoption as sons and daughters (Romans 8:23) and we’re living with our eyes on the One who completes and perfects our faith (Hebrews 12:2). In other words, we have lots of reasons to be optimistic.

And Easter should blow that up even more because we’re talking about a risen Savior here — a historical, factual event that proved Jesus paid the price for our failures and paved the way for us to the Father. That’s a big deal.

When we celebrate Easter now, we’re calling attention to what happened at that garden tomb 2,000 years ago. We’re celebrating the biggest victory ever. And we’re expecting people to have their own encounter with the Victor over death.

Over the next few days, take some time to pray big, expectant prayers about what God will do when people come to Pinelake for Easter.

Prepare the Soil

In America, more people come to church on Easter than any other Sunday of the year. Many of them have hurts, failures and struggles that make them feel unworthy, unloved and hopeless. Pray that God will work through situations and people in their lives to show them His love — even before they step into church. Also, pray that they’ll realize how empty the promises of this world are in comparison to God’s never-failing Truth (1 John 2:17).

Move Mountains

Doubts, fears, distractions, addictions — they can all keep someone from listening to the truth of the Gospel. After all, Jesus isn’t calling them to add Him on to their lives; He’s calling them to die to self and live for Him alone (Matthew 16:24). That can be hard to swallow. Pray that God will remove the barriers that keep people from truly hearing the offer of new life in Christ.

Change Lives

We don’t want people to come to church just to hear some music, listen to a sermon and then go home unchanged. We want them to experience the transforming, shake-things-up power of Jesus. Pray that God will break addictions, bring healing and restore relationships (Isaiah 53). Most of all, pray that many will surrender everything to Christ and trust Him as their Savior.


Have you invited someone to join you this Easter? We’ve made it easy to share an invite through social media on our Easter page. Drop them a Facebook or Instagram post and offer to take them with you that day or to buy them lunch after the service.