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5 Truths to Change the Way You Think

12.26.16 | Selfie

This is who you are in Christ. 1. Appearance My physical appearance (in my unchangeable aspects) is beautiful in God’s sight. He is my designer and maker. For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother's womb. I will give...

Spiritual Gifts Test

04.22.16 | Selfie

Romans 12:6–8 reveals that God has a part for every one of us to fill in His divine design. He has equipped you uniquely to play your part. Your role may change from time to time throughout your life, but what is clear is that God has given...

Knowing the Real You

04.11.16 | Selfie

Social media lets you project an image of yourself to others. The more pics you post of yourself promoting a certain identity — such as fit, sexy, adventurous, funny, daring, or wealthy — the more likely it is that others will endorse...

3 Questions Selfies Can’t Answer

04.04.16 | Selfie

Each day, people take 93 million selfies and check social media 100 billion times. Young people will take more than 25,000 selfies in their lifetime. Why are we so obsessed? According to psychologists, we’re looking for an avenue to...

Me, My Selfie and I

03.31.16 | Selfie

Seven pictures later, you post the shot that looks like “you.” It’s got just the right angle, you’ve tilted your head just the right way, and you like how your hair looks. After you post it, you pull down to refresh...