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Living for a Higher Purpose

10.26.16 | Spiritual Growth | by Kyle York

God’s Word is a daily reminder of the standard for living God has set for us. We aren’t meant to be bogged down in temporal pursuits. Kyle York points out in today’s L3 reading from Philemon that we were made to do greater...

This Type of Love’s Not Normal

10.05.16 | Spiritual Growth | by Kyle York

Read And this I pray, that your love may abound still more and more in real knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve the things that are excellent, in order to be sincere and blameless until the day of Christ; having been filled...

Common Questions about Baptism

09.06.16 | Spiritual Growth

Let’s examine what the Bible says about baptism as it relates to God’s offer of salvation through grace. If you have been baptized, let it be a reminder of God’s goodness. If you haven’t, let this serve to show you what it...

No Pity for Jesus

08.23.16 | Spiritual Growth | by Kyle York

Being dissatisfied is easy. You don’t have to try to be miserable; you just have to focus on the bad things going on. But contentment — that can be so much harder. As Kyle York reminds us in today’s L3 reading, the surest way...

So Busy that We Miss Jesus

08.09.16 | Spiritual Growth | by Kyle York

Most of us feel like there’s more we could be doing. Even though we’re already racing around, we have this unreachable standard of busyness that continually hangs over us. And if we’re not careful, as Kyle York explains in...

How We Stay Sharp

07.26.16 | Spiritual Growth | by Jody Schmelzer

Somewhere there are people who need you. They need your experiences, your wisdom and your unique perspective. As Jody Schmelzer points out in today’s L3 reading, we were never meant to roll through this life on our own. We need people to...

Going All In

07.12.16 | Spiritual Growth | by Jeff Holland

In our culture, living with “one foot in and one foot out” comes naturally. Committing to something whole-heartedly can go against our instincts because we think we might miss something or lose out. But, as Jeff Holland explains in...

Shifting Your Focus, Finding Contentment

06.21.16 | Spiritual Growth

Contentment begins with our heart. If we set our heart on the things we want and what we deserve, we’ll always feel like something is missing. But, as Kyle York points out in today’s L3 reading, if we remember who owns all things, we...

The Struggle to be Holy

06.07.16 | Spiritual Growth | by Kyle York

In Peter’s first letter, he tells us that we are to be “holy yourselves in all your behavior” (1 Peter 1:12). That’s a pretty tall order for people who live in a fallen world filled with temptations. Thankfully, we...

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