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4 Clear Truths in a Culture of Sexual Confusion

10.10.16 | Weird

Americans think about sex more than ever, but we may have never been more confused about it. Discussions of sex are public, but that doesn’t mean these discussion are mature and healthy. The fact that there are thousands of “how...

Resources for Healthy Sexuality

10.09.16 | Weird

From the beginning God had a plan and a design for healthy sexuality and the enemy has been trying to get us off track ever since. Below are some helpful resources that can guide you back toward a Christ-centered sexuality. Striving for a...

How to Find Fulfillment

10.04.16 | Weird

Most of us chase after meaning and significance. We want to feel like and know that our lives matter and that we are important, that we have value. Students look at celebrities and think if they were famous then they would matter. Young...

Faith is Not Blind

09.23.16 | Weird

There is a common misconception about what faith truly is. We may be tempted to think that faith is simply a matter of agreement with facts. If you agree that God sent Jesus to die on the cross for your sins, then you have faith. Faith involves...

5 Weird Ways to Find Peace

09.19.16 | Weird

To be normal in America today is to be overwhelmed by life. The responsibilities and pressures we face just stress us out. Many of us battle with worry, anxiety, depression and fear. One college girl said, “My stress stresses me out to...

We Got Weird with Money: Jared Nelson

09.13.16 | Weird

We had $10,000 in credit card debt, we bought a new car we couldn’t afford and we were living paycheck to paycheck. But God got a hold of us. Need help? On October 2 we will begin a 4–6 week equipping class where...

Are You Weird? Take the Quiz!

09.09.16 | Weird

Many of us have a skewed view of God, ourselves and others. This keeps us from walking in trust and obedience, and we launch into a string of bad choices so typical of our culture today. That’s even considered “normal” now...