Dysfunctional Family

05.07.13 | Sermons

Dysfunctional families — you may be in one, know of one or at least understand that families deal with malfunction. Problems and craziness of family life aren’t new to our generation. The Bible records the life of one of the most dysfunctional families ever in the book of Genesis. Their story includes parental favoritism, the struggle of blended families, deception, alienation, in-law troubles and the longing for a father’s blessing. During this six week series, we are going to unpack the family dysfunction in the life and family of Jacob, one of the Old Testament patriarchs, in hopes of learning how to handle the difficulties of family life today. Jacob and his family were used by God, but they were far from perfect.

Join us as we take a look at this dysfunctional family and the malfunction families face today and how it needs to be handled.

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