Making Room through Church Planting & Prayer


If you've been around Pinelake for very long, you've probably noticed our passion is to see people changed, one life change story at a time. One way we carry out that vision is by starting new churches.

Church Planting

Did you know Pinelake is currently supporting new church plants all across the United States and even in Canada? Check out this video with Chuck Angel, our church planting pastor, as he describes the need for new churches in America, as well as how Pinelake is supporting our church planters.

How can you be a part of what God is doing in church planting? As Chuck mentioned, you can pray, give or go. Our church planters and their families need your prayer and financial support, and they'd love to have you serve alongside them for a few days.


Learn to Pray and Worship

If praying for new church planters seems intimidating, or you just find yourself needing a fresh start to your prayer and worship life in general, we want to help.

Make sure to join us for The Gathering, a night of prayer and worship, led by Chip and our Pinelake worship team at your campus in October. We're asking God to breathe new life into how you connect with Him through prayer and worship. At The Gathering, you'll be taught to pray and led to worship with greater confidence, authority and expectation.