We're excited to announce John O'Leary as our new Campus Pastor at Pinelake Clinton, starting January 28, 2018.  Before coming to Pinelake, John served as Discipleship Pastor at Fellowship Bible Church in Arkansas. Prior to this, he was the...

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Are your relationships "Framed" by God?


Our lives are full of relationships, and the way we relate with the people around us affects us greatly. So why wouldn’t we base the way we interact with people on the wisdom God gives us in the Bible? “Framed” is a...

God Uses Simple Gifts


For the past three years or so, Sheri and I have known we would be serving in full-time mission work one day. I guess we just assumed that day would be years in the future. While on a short-term mission trip to the Middle East in September 2010...

What's your "Walk" look like?


  You’ll often hear people talk about their “walk with the Lord.” But what does that mean? It’s our way of telling people God is a part of our everyday living — the decisions we make, the way we interact...

Care Center Career


At this point in my life, I didn’t expect to be spending 20 to 25 hours a week volunteering. My wife and I joined Pinelake in 1990, seeing from the start that it was a different kind of church than the traditional church we’d attended...

Help us feed families in need.


Two new Care Centers were recently opened at Pinelake's Clinton and Starkville campuses. The Care Center offers assistance to qualifying families needing food, but at times can help with other needs families face in difficult times. The goal is...

Identify: celebration of Baptism


Baptism is a step of obedience we take to publicly say we identify with Christ and the salvation found only in Him. It's a step that we celebrate as a church family on most Sundays during worship and in the past we've also baptized a group of...

Praying for our schools

07.27.11 | by Steve Parten

Our administrators, teachers and students have a tremendous opportunity to impact their local schools with the saving love of Christ this school year. It is our desire to see our church body cry out to God in prayer, that He would empower...

A Mustard Seed is Enough


I didn’t think much about it the first time it happened. But the second time? Well, I knew it was the Lord. Let me tell you about it. When Outlive Your Life started, I thought a lot about my commitment. Mission trip? Not at this point in...

"Body Life: Living as the People of God" message series


In Ephesians 4:1 – 16, we are called to unity in Jesus to walk as one, work as one and grow as one. How do we do that when we all seem so different and there are so many obstacles in life to overcome? Together in Christ we find the...

Taking time for rest.


On Sunday, June 19, Pinelake's elders announced Chip's July sabbatical. Elder Scott Wiggins explained the importance of extended periods of rest for our leadership. Watch the video below to hear the entire message.