As a faith family, we are committed to helping one another grow healthier and lasting relationships. Below is a list of opportunities that you may find helpful as you continue to invest in your relationships. Download the Love Life Commitment...

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A Mustard Seed is Enough


I didn’t think much about it the first time it happened. But the second time? Well, I knew it was the Lord. Let me tell you about it. When Outlive Your Life started, I thought a lot about my commitment. Mission trip? Not at this point in...

"Body Life: Living as the People of God" message series


In Ephesians 4:1 – 16, we are called to unity in Jesus to walk as one, work as one and grow as one. How do we do that when we all seem so different and there are so many obstacles in life to overcome? Together in Christ we find the...

Taking time for rest.


On Sunday, June 19, Pinelake's elders announced Chip's July sabbatical. Elder Scott Wiggins explained the importance of extended periods of rest for our leadership. Watch the video below to hear the entire message. 

Take me out to the ball game


 It's summertime and that means baseball, hotdogs and burgers on the grill and fun times with friends. All of which will also be at Pinelake Night at the Braves! Pinelake is headed to the ball park to watch the Mississippi Braves take on...

"Power Surge"


We've all heard the stories of God's might — the unrestrained power that crumbled walls, caused a flood, moved the sun and brought people back from the dead. But Ephesians 3:14 – 21 lays out four specific ways we can also access that...

We're all leaders


Whether at church, school, work or home, you are leading people and projects every day. But our culture is constantly changing and redefining itself. Leadership today takes dedication and commitment to scratch your mind, expand your heart and use...



Share Video:   We’ve all struggled with the “tough” questions… the ones we can’t run away from or shake off. April 24 - Is there any hope?May 1 - Does my life even matter?May 15 - Why is there so much...

The Gospel and Orphans

01.21.11 | by Tim Smith

As we have stepped into Outlive Your Life one of the areas where we are trying to make an impact is in the area of orphan care and ministry.  Within the greater Pinelake family, dozens of families have either completed or are in the process...

Wondering what Outlive Your Life is?

01.13.11 | by Chip Henderson

If you're wondering what all the buzz around this new journey, Outlive Your Life, is all about, look no further. Watch this clip from Chip's message's during Wednesday's Reservoir Campus Renewal.

Starkville Launch

01.07.11 | by Tim Smith

It’s finally here! We are so excited to finally launch our public services in Starkville. We’ve been preparing for the last six months and we really believe that God is going to do a great work through Pinelake Starkville. Our staff...