Our vision here at Pinelake is to see Mississippi changed one life change story at a time. We know this doesn’t happen on its own. But with an open heart to make room for more, God can use us to make a difference in our state.

In March of 2017 during the Making Room Launch, our pastor, Chip Henderson, led us toward expanding our ministry vision to include those who live in the Mississippi Delta, a region known for hardship. The missions team here is guiding this effort as we partner with local organizations like But God Ministries to bring hope to the Delta.

Our Pinelake family has taken the first steps forward as we’ve given of our time and resources, and it’s already making an impact. Construction on The Hope Center is currently underway. With God’s favor, this facility will be the epicenter of life change in the Delta.

The Hope Center will provide a comfortable night’s sleep for teams that come to serve the region. Local residents and children will not only find the medical, dental, education and spiritual help they need. They’ll also meet hosts who love them, want to see them become leaders in a sustainable community and who will provide them with the identity given to them by God. 


If you’re ready to move forward in your spiritual life and make room for the Delta, there are at least 2 ways you can be involved.


Your unique gifts can impact the residents of the Mississippi Delta. Once construction of The Hope Center is complete, opportunities to serve will be endless. All of our projects for the Fall of 2017 are full, but we would love to keep you informed of new ways to serve once The Hope Center is built.

If you’d like to stay up-to-date with future serving opportunities, let us know.



It’s likely that very few of the residents of the Delta are ever brought before the Lord in prayer. Wouldn’t you love the privilege of interceding through prayer?

Our Pinelake Missions team can keep you aware of current prayer needs, not just in the Delta, but also worldwide. Just text missionaryprayer to 70-000 to begin receiving those periodic texts.

You never know how one small step of faith can turn into the greatest decision of your life. We hope you’re ready to make room for more.