L3 Journal

Our mission here at Pinelake is to help you Learn from Christ, Live in Christ and Lead others to Christ. With that in mind, we've created the L3 Journal and daily Bible reading plan.

What is the L3 Journal?

The L3 Journal is a tool to help you read the Bible everyday for yourself. You'll find there are 2 plans to choose from within the journal. Plan 1 includes verses to read from the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs, while Plan 2 offers passages from all of the Old Testament and New Testament. If you go with Plan 2, you'll be able to read the entire Bible in a year.

You can access the day's Bible reading here or through the Pinelake App.


How can I get the most out of reading the Bible?

We don't want you to just read the Bible to check off some Christian to-do list. Our hope is that you'll actually meet with God through through the pages of His Word. We've created the acronym, R.E.A.P., to help you maximize your time in the Bible. As you set about to read the day's passage, keep the following things in mind.

R - Read
You'll not only begin your time reading the Bible, but first prepare your heart and mind with a simple prayer. "Lord, here I am. Speak to me today."

E - Examine
Make sure to notice the context of the passage you're reading. Who is talking? Who are they talking to and what about? Don't forget the basics: who, what, where, when, why and how. Then finally, what did I learn?

A - Apply
Ask God to show you how this passage of Scripture applies to your life. How does God want me to live differently based off what I've read?

P - Pray
Don't forget God is with you. As you read His Word, view your time as a conversation instead of a monologue. God speaks through the Bible, but as in any conversation, communication and understanding occur in the context of a back and forth dialogue.

The journal aspect of the L3 Journal involves you carrying out the R.E.A.P. steps with a pen and paper in hand. As you begin to organize your thoughts around each part of the acronym, you'll be amazed how your heart connects to God. Order your own L3 Journal here.

To see a sample journal entry and read a few more R.E.A.P. pointers, click here.