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Chip Henderson

Senior Pastor

Tim Smith

Senior Executive Pastor

Jeff Redding

Executive Pastor of Ministry

Scott Wiggins

Director of Staff

Rod Cadenhead

Executive Pastor of Operations

Troy Page

Executive Pastor of Communications

Jeff Walters

Lead Pastor of Missions and Church Planting

Matthew Graham

Executive Pastor of Worship

Central Staff

Chuck Angel

Teaching Pastor/Pastor, Church Plantingoffice: 601-919-4125

Brent Isbill

Church Planter in Residence

Linda Weir

Director of College and Ascend Ministriesoffice: 601-829-4515

John UpChurch

Director of Ministry Administrationoffice: 601-829-4541

John Kelly

Associate Director of Staffoffice: 601-829-4540

Jared Willis

Pastor, Missions Mobilizationoffice: 601-829-4589

Jonathan Whitt

Pastor, Mission Partnershipsoffice: 601-829-4511

Clinton Campus Staff

John O'Leary

Campus Pastor, Clintonoffice: 601-829-4526

Jason Elam

Worship Pastoroffice: 601-829-4564

Seth Brill

College Pastoroffice: 601-919-4138

Kaitlin Robinson

Ascend Ministry Resident

Todd Livingston

Student Pastoroffice: 601-919-4149

Bethany Glass

Children's Ministeroffice: 601-919-4140

Madison Campus Staff

Ken Murphy

Campus Pastor, Madisonoffice: 601-919-4146

Daniel Scoggin

Pastor of Ministryoffice: 601-829-4581

David Easley

Pastor, Adult Groupsoffice: 601-919-4147

Carroll Blackledge

Pastor, Guest and Member Servicesoffice: 601-919-4104

Will Blitch

Student Pastoroffice: 601-919-4124

Tatum Rosenbaum

Ascend Ministry Resident

Brad McNair

Children's Pastoroffice: 601-919-4122

Tiffany Fennell

Preschool Ministeroffice: 601-829-4552

Josh Brewer

Worship Pastoroffice: 601-919-4154

Chris Schopmeyer

Pastor, Worship Bands/Music Directoroffice: 601-829-4544

Tyler Smith

Ascend Ministry Resident

Oxford Campus Staff

Jody Schmelzer

Campus Pastor, Oxfordoffice: 662-234-0018

Jonathan Palmer

Pastor, Adult Groupsoffice: 601-919-4170

John Shepherd

Children's Pastoroffice: 601-829-4561

Jon Gilley

Worship Pastoroffice: 662-234-0023

Philip Rafferty

Ascend Ministry Resident

Reservoir Campus Staff

Steve Parten

Campus Pastor, Reservoiroffice: 601-829-4520

Steve Yarrow

Lead Pastor, Adult Groupsoffice: 601-919-4145

Brent Moore

Pastor, Adult Groupsoffice: 601-919-4148

Paul Cunningham

Pastor, Adult Groupsoffice: 601-919-4166

Hannah Lane

Minister, Adult Groupsoffice: 601-829-4533

Larry Stege

Pastor, Guest and Member Servicesoffice: 601-829-4567

Jeff Holland

Lead Pastor, Congregational Careoffice: 601-829-4572

Darren Miley

Pastor, Congregational Careoffice: 601-829-4532

Jeremy Kerstell

Ascend Ministry Resident

Jason Gadman

High School Pastoroffice: 601-829-4504

Lynley Clark

High School Ministeroffice: 601-829-4518

Alex Foust

Ascend Ministry Resident

Adam Day

Middle School Pastoroffice: 601-829-4527

Melinda McAdams

Middle School Ministeroffice: 601-829-4528

Melissa May

Middle School Ministeroffice: 601-829-4571

Terre Jasper

Children's Ministeroffice: 601-919-4112

Dylan Varner

Associate Children’s Pastoroffice: 601-919-4107

Ellie Bartlett

Ascend Ministry Resident

Wendy Colson

Preschool Ministeroffice: 601-829-4529

Stephanie Bakos

Associate Preschool Ministeroffice: 601-919-4126

Kourtnee Harris

Director of Childcareoffice: 601-829-4530

Andrew Strickland

Lead Pastor, Worshipoffice: 601-829-4588

Matt Ammons

Worship Pastoroffice: 601-829-4545

Davy Flowers

Worship Ministeroffice: 601-919-4113

Evan Walley

Ascend Ministry Resident

Starkville Campus Staff

Jason King

Campus Pastor, Starkvilleoffice: 601-829-4509

Warren Gorman

Pastor, Adult Groupsoffice: 601-829-4535

Kaylee Craft

Ascend Ministry Resident

Austin Davis

Student Pastoroffice: 601-919-4130

Ryan Vaughn

Children’s Pastoroffice: 601-919-4108

Matt Rector

Worship Pastoroffice: 601-919-4121