Why We Tell Stories

Everyone has a story to tell. But a life-change story is created when God interrupts and transforms a life. Whether you grew up in church or spent years running from God, your story is a way to share Christ's impact on your life. Your story has the power to open people's eyes to the power of Christ and the realness of God.

Stories give comfort and the realization we're not alone. The person sitting next to you may be experiencing the the same thing you are. What an impact and encouragement it can be to know someone understands. It may make a life-changing difference.

Share Your Story

What has God done in your life? We'd love to be a part of capturing your story and sharing it to minister to others and give glory to the work of God in your life. 

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Candace McFarland

March 6, 2016

It’s Never Too Late

February 26, 2016
I spent most of my life assuming that I was saved. Looking back I now know that I never truly asked Jesus to come...

Savannah Parker

February 21, 2016

The Breaking Point

February 19, 2016
The Lord came to seek and to save what was lost — and He saved a sinner like me. My family brought my...

Answered Prayer — One Step at a Time

February 5, 2016
I was in eighth grade when I first heard the distinct call to ministry. I sat on the floor at Lake Forest Ranch...

I Am Not Alone

January 29, 2016
About two and a half years ago, God brought my son, Max, and me to Oxford. I was coming to Ole Miss as a full-time...

When God Broke Me Apart

January 25, 2016
Until the ninth grade, I remained a pretty good kid. But that’s when my dad died. At first, I grew closer to...

Discipleship: My Heart’s Desire

January 15, 2016
When my father died in a logging accident, my world was rocked to the core. My husband changed jobs, and we left...

God’s Love Found Me

January 12, 2016
Until college, my faith had been so easy. I had a childhood about as close to perfect as you can imagine. I was...

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