A Persistent Invitation

03.31.17 | Written Stories

Trey and Bridget Crowder’s first encounter with Pinelake Church took place in middle of what was left of their home after a devastating fire. They had lost everything, but they were encouraged by members of Pinelake Clinton who prayed with them and offered them meals, gift cards and donations along with an invitation to come to church.

In the months that followed their house fire, Bridget lost her grandfather followed shortly after by her oldest brother. The loss was more than she could handle and for months Bridget battled with confusion and bitterness. She had an encounter with campus pastor Jason Barber at Sports Camp and again an invitation was extended to come to Sunday worship, but Bridget just couldn’t see herself coming to church after being away for so long. Bridget finally reached a breaking point one day when Trey encouraged her to let go of all the burdens she was carrying. She knew God was her only hope, but she still wasn’t ready to go to church. It wasn’t until their daughter Addison expressed a desire to go to Pinelake that they finally made plans to attend.

Nearly two years after the first invitation was extended, the Crowders came to Pinelake on a Sunday. The sermon on that day was about baptism. Bridget had accepted Christ at a young age, but had never been baptized. She signed up to be baptized at Identify the following Sunday and attended Starting Point the next week. The Crowders finally responded to their invitation to Pinelake and Bridget is now serving with Little Lakers ministry and they are actively inviting other family members to be a part of what God is doing at Pinelake Clinton.

Trey and Bridget Crowder — Pinelake Clinton