Be The Church

Acts 2:42-47 captures four markings of the true Christian community and what we believe it means for us to "Be The Church." As we grow, pray, connect, and share generously with one another we live out what the church is. The church isn't something you go to — it's not a place or an event. Together we are the church. Let's live differently, let's change lives and be the church.

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Todays L3 Bible Readings
  • Story Plan
    • Genesis 21:1-21
  • Chronological Plan
    • Genesis 19-21
  • One Year Plan
    • Gen. 35-36
    • Ps. 4-5
  • Two Year Plan Year 1
    • Genesis 20:1-21:21
    • Acts 8:1-13
    • Matthew 5:43-48
  • Two Year Plan Year 2
    • 1 Chronicles 11:1-25
    • Revelation 2:8-17
    • Matthew 5:43-48