Engaging and Influencing through meaningful relationships

Acts 2:42-47 calls us to live intentionally in the communities around our state just like the first-century church. Over the next several months we are inviting you and your small group to be the hands and feet of Jesus and intentionally connect with people in your communities. Let's live differently, let's change lives and Be The Church.

Ways to Connect

Join a Small Group

Jump in a small group online or connect with the small groups team at your campus to get in a group today HERE or participate in GroupUp!  

Connect With Others

Get to know a neighbor. Who do you live by and drive past every day that you can make an effort to connect with?

Express love and acceptance for someone different than you. Our world is so divided but we can be light in the midst of this present darkness. We can be the hands, feet, eyes, and mouth of Jesus to express love and kindness. 

Todays L3 Bible Readings
  • Story Plan
    • Genesis 21:1-21
  • Chronological Plan
    • Genesis 19-21
  • One Year Plan
    • Gen. 35-36
    • Ps. 4-5
  • Two Year Plan Year 1
    • Genesis 20:1-21:21
    • Acts 8:1-13
    • Matthew 5:43-48
  • Two Year Plan Year 2
    • 1 Chronicles 11:1-25
    • Revelation 2:8-17
    • Matthew 5:43-48