Praying for Your Community

08.05.14 | Prayer

As a part of engaging in prayer, we want to encourage you to take time to pray for your community. Below are steps to help you start a prayer group, guide you in prayer walking or driving, and direct you in prayer.


  • Choose a few friends or family members to share this experience with you. If this is not possible, don’t let it stop you from praying for your community while walking or driving.
  • Decide on a time and place to meet to pray for your community.
  • Be alert while walking or driving.
  • Pray either silently or aloud. Periods of silence should not make you or your prayer partners feel uncomfortable.
  • Make this a family event! Plan a shorter route for younger children. Encourage older children to pray while riding their bike or skateboard in the neighborhood.


  • GOD’S LOVE will be made known to those in this home through the actions and words of Believers who live in our community.
  • GOD’S SALVATION for each person in the home who is not in a relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ.
  • GOD’S PROTECTION upon the family and each person living in the home from any emotional, relational or physical harm.
  • GOD’S RESTORATION in a relationship that is in conflict and in need of forgiveness, grace and reconciliation.
  • GOD’S HEALING on anyone who suffers from physical or emotional concerns.
  • GOD’S PROVISION of energy, time and resources for the needs of those who in live in the home.
  • GOD’S BLESSING upon those who are a Godly influence in their homes and community.