78 Camp

Cleveland, TN | June 8-12

Pinelake 7th and 8th-grade families, we are partnering with GENERATE By YM360 for 78 Camp in Cleveland, TN, and we can’t wait to see your student there! Here is some basic information on what 78 Camp will look like.


Grades: 7th and 8th Grade (completed)
Dates: June 8-12
Location: Lee University | Cleveland, TN
Cost: $225
Contact: info@pinelake.org or 601-829-4500


We are strategic and intentional to create experiences where the name of Jesus is lifted up, where the Gospel is proclaimed through the preaching and studying of the Word, and where not only are students encouraged to take the next step in their faith journey, but the challenge and opportunity to be a person of global impact is clear. These experiences happen in times of personal devotion, in small group times of reading, listening and responding, in group building and serving, in times of corporate worship, and in strategic times with your church. In the end, a camp can’t really change a life, but a real experience with God can. We don’t want to simply create moments. We want to partner with you and be a part of moments that matter through the work of God.

Learn more about GENERATE Camp’s by clicking here.


Pinelake ensures all camps align with “Our House Promise”/background check protocols. All staff undergoes state and federal background screenings, motor vehicle reporting for those who drive company vehicles, and child protection screening. Because of the day we live in, GENERATE seeks to provide the safest environment possible for your students.

Learn more at GENERATE Camp’s parent page by clicking here.

Our House Promise

Our Commitment to Shepherding Your Child

Pinelake Staff and Servant Leaders have made a promise to shepherd your children and students well while they’re in our care by providing a secure environment. We call this Our House Promise to you as a parent. This includes background checks, secure check-in measures, and much more.

Shepherds take responsibility to protect.

While your child or student is with us, we’ll treat them like our own.

Shepherds play it safe.

We only allow authorized parents or guardians to pick up kids; we have security personnel onsite at all times, and we provide plenty of ongoing safety training for our servant leaders and staff.

Shepherds build trust.

The servant leaders and staff who work with your children have all been thoroughly screened through background checks and relationships. We know them and trust them.

Shepherds keep everything in the open.

Every room has a window and/or a camera so you can check-in and have peace of mind. Just tell us your child’s name, show us your sticker and we’ll be glad to help.

Shepherds work together.

Every child or student space will have at least two adults present. No one goes it alone— whether in big groups or small. In most cases, in fact, three or more adults are present.

Shepherds take immediate action.

If anything seems amiss, we will jump in to protect children and students. We take every accusation seriously and investigate it thoroughly.

Shepherds establish partnerships.

Don’t hesitate to speak with a staff member or servant leader about any concern or question you have. We’re glad to help.

  • Sleeping bag or bedding and pillow
  • Toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)
  • Clothes that can be worn to recreation (t-shirt/shorts for each day)
  • Bag for dirty or wet clothes
  • Closed-toe shoes for rec time
  • Bible, notepad, pen and backpack to carry things
  • Water bottle that can be refilled
  • Sunscreen and bug spray
  • Spending money for snacks, camp store, and missions offering (all optional, of course)
  • Modest one-piece bathing suit
  • Towels for the pool and shower
  • Snacks to share in your dorm. We will have some meals, but you’ll need to have plenty of snacks between. 
  • Don’t forget to label everything with your student’s name
  • Be looking for an email about what not to bring.
  • Inappropriate clothing (too short, tight-fitting, promoting non-christian behavior, etc.)
  • Alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, fireworks, or weapons
  • Rollerblades, bicycles, or items that will distract from what God is trying to tell us
  • We will also email a specific list about this camp.

The Pinelake offices are closed July 4-7. For assistance, contact the pastor on-call at (601) 829-4500, then dial "6".