Kids Camp

Pinelake Reservoir Campus | JULY 19-23

Pinelake 3rd and 4th graders don’t miss this jam-packed week of camp July 19-23! We’ll be jumping, cheering, and singing each and every day, Monday through Friday, in the most incredible week of your child’s summer. From amazing counselors and hilarious skits to thrilling activities and awesome Bible studies, completed 3rd & 4th grade campers are sure to have a blast! Reserve your spot and learn more about Pine Cove Camp in the City today!


Grades: 3rd and 4th Grade (completed)
Location: Pinelake Reservoir
Cost: $225 with Scholarship Code PL65
Contact: or (601) 829-4500


Campers will experience Jesus through Bible study, worship, and time with their counselor, as well as participate in tons of great camp activities! Your camper is sure to have a blast dancing, cheering, and jumping each and every day, Monday through Friday!

Camp Activities:

  • Obstacle Course
  • Bungee Trampolene
  • Slip & Slide
  • Climbing Wall
  • Waterslide 
  • And much more! 

Learn more about Pine Cove City by clicking here.


The counselors and staff at Pine Cove have a simple goal: to help kids and families connect with Jesus. Through intentional conversations, Bible studies, and worship, our staff will share the life-changing power of the Gospel with your camper and show that a relationship with the Lord can be exciting, interactive, and impactful.


Our House Promise

Our Commitment to Shepherding Your Child

Pinelake Staff and Servant Leaders have made a promise to shepherd your children and students well while they’re in our care by providing a secure environment. We call this Our House Promise to you as a parent. This includes background checks, secure check-in measures, and much more.

Shepherds take responsibility to protect.

While your child or student is with us, we’ll treat them like our own.

Shepherds play it safe.

We only allow authorized parents or guardians to pick up kids; we have security personnel onsite at all times; and we provide plenty of ongoing safety training for our servant leaders and staff.

Shepherds build trust.

The servant leaders and staff who work with your children have all been thoroughly screened through background checks and relationship. We know them and trust them.

Shepherds keep everything in the open.

Every room has a window and/or a camera so you can check in and have peace of mind. Just tell us your child’s name, show us your sticker and we’ll be glad to help.

Shepherds work together.

Every children or student space will have at least two adults present. No one goes it alone— whether in big groups or small. In most cases, in fact, three or more adults are present.

Shepherds take immediate action.

If anything seems amiss, we will jump in to protect children and students. We take every accusation seriously and investigate it thoroughly.

Shepherds establish partnerships.

Don’t hesitate to speak with a staff member or servant leader about any concern or question you have. We’re glad to help.