Care + Support

We know that life has special seasons of pain and joy. Whether it’s dealing with hospitalization, grief and loss, planning a funeral, financial struggles, or anything else, we want to help care for you through it all.


Your small group members are the people to turn to for care and support. They are there to pray for you, comfort you, celebrate with you and serve with you. If you're not in a group, we want to get you connected, click here to sign up now.


We believe in the power of prayer. Whether you have a need for healing, hope, support or salvation, we want to take time to pray for you. Click here to share your prayer need with us and let us cover it in prayer.


We love our community and desire to meet needs and share Jesus with those around us. That’s why we have a Care Center at every campus. It’s a resource center where qualifying families or individuals can come to receive food and encouragement or receive medical and dental care. Every person who walks through the Care Center doors is prayed for and Christ’s love is shared with them. You can learn more about the Care Center here.


Life can come with struggles — abuse, addiction and trials — cycles that can’t seem to be broken. We want to help you through them while pointing you to Christ. RECLAIM is a part of our Small Group Ministry specifically designed for helping and healing. Click here to get connected to a group.


Pinelake wants to be a part of every special moment in your spiritual journey, including your wedding. Marriage is the most important human relationship you will ever have, and we believe having God at the center of your marriage is key. You can learn more about having your wedding at Pinelake, or having a Pinelake pastor officiate, by viewing our Wedding Policy. When you’re ready to schedule your wedding, please submit a Wedding Application. We look forward to being a part of your special day!


We desire to care for our congregation and our community. If you are hurting or have a need, let us help you by calling 601.829.4500 or emailing .