Small Group Curriculum

Continuing in Prayer

03.04.18 | Sermon Series: 40 Days of Prayer


STUDY | Spend the week reading the Bible everyday for yourself using the L3 Bible Reading Plan. After you have read, journal what God's Word is saying to you using the R.E.A.P. acronym. 

PRAY | As you prepare, pray for the preaching of God’s Word this coming weekend. Pray also for your time in this week’s study and your group’s openness to God’s Word.

Remember the 4 Rules for Small Group Discussion

  1. Confidentiality. What’s said in the group stays in the group.
  2. No cross-talk. Be considerate of others as they share. Refrain from side conversations and texting during group time.
  3. No fixing. We are not in the group to fix each other. Jesus does that part.
  4. Sharing. Be sensitive to the amount of time you share. Don’t talk too much or too little. Every person brings something valuable to the group. 

Use the button below to download the curriculum for this week. 

Curriculum (PDF)