Always with a Friend

03.30.17 | Written Stories

No one could anticipate what would happen with Blaire Renfroe when she made the decision to be baptized at Identify last September. Blaire, a fifth grader at Pinelake Madison, had accepted Christ on Easter in 2012, but through conversations with her mom and her small group leaders at church she realized that she needed to be obedient to God and be baptized publicly. Once that decision was made she caught fire and began telling all of her friends at school about Jesus.

Blaire loves telling her friends that she is a Christian and loves to invite them to church with her every Sunday and Wednesday. Blaire and her mother, Beverly, will discuss who Blaire could invite to church, and if they are interested Beverly will connect with the child’s parent to coordinate transportation to church. Their hope is that whole families will begin coming to Pinelake Madison because of their invitations.

Today Blaire is known to have a friend with her every time she comes to church. She is actively inviting ten of her friends to join her at Pinelake Kids. She wants them to hear about Jesus and knows that they will at Pinelake — and have some fun too. Blaire and her family are making room in their hearts and lives for more people.

— Blaire Renfroe, Pinelake Madison