Why We Tell Stories

Everyone has a story to tell. But a life-change story is created when God interrupts and transforms a life. Whether you grew up in church or spent years running from God, your story is a way to share Christ's impact on your life. Your story has the power to open people's eyes to the power of Christ and the realness of God.

Stories give comfort and the realization we're not alone. The person sitting next to you may be experiencing the the same thing you are. What an impact and encouragement it can be to know someone understands. It may make a life-changing difference.

Share Your Story

What has God done in your life? We'd love to be a part of capturing your story and sharing it to minister to others and give glory to the work of God in your life. 

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Soso Tornado Relief

May 31, 2020
Jessica Warren saw that her hometown, Soso, MS, was devastated by a massive tornado. She and her small group took...

Exalted Among the Nations

May 8, 2020
Because of the COVID-19 outbreak and all of our new online resources, Kayla Golden, one of our missionaries in...

Feed Faith, Not Fear

May 6, 2020
It always takes faith to give, but when we trust God and give back a portion of what He’s given us we often...

God is Moving in the Midst of the Pandemic

April 30, 2020
Our online services may reach people in Poland, Spain and other far-away countries, but they’re also reaching...

Called to Serve

April 28, 2020
Hospitals these days are battlegrounds. While doctors and nurses tirelessly tend to COVID-19 patients across the...

Financially Prepared for COVID-19

April 27, 2020
When Keith and Aleisha Brown sold their dental practice in Lucedale and excitedly moved to Madison last year to...

Helping Parents During the Shutdown

April 26, 2020
Beverly Dear went on Facebook and posted a status asking who needed help with childcare in the midst of...

Find Community Despite Isolation

April 22, 2020
We miss hugs and handshakes on Sunday mornings, but online ministry is allowing fellowship to flourish in other...

Spiritually Making the Most of Your Time at Home

April 16, 2020
Schools are cancelled because of the COVID-19 outbreak, so kids are at home and spending increased time at home with...