Changing Perspective: Daniel's Story

03.05.14 | Written Stories, Video Stories

I’d always been known as the ‘good kid.’ I was saved when I was 10 years old and desired to be a good Christian by being a good kid. But that wasn’t getting me closer to Jesus. When I went to college, I wanted to do my own thing. I began to live recklessly, drink and be emotionally absent. I thought it was okay because people still saw me as the ‘good kid.’ I was lying to myself. I was at a broken point in life, and a friend told me not to let this be a time of feeling sorry but a time of true repentance. He said, “Either make it real or don’t do it at all, but know God can use your mess to grow you and help others.” That helped me turn my life back to the Lord.

Shortly after, God led me to go on a mission trip. I don’t know how it happened — I didn’t even think I deserved to go. God worked out all the details and provided for two trips. Before going on the first trip, I asked about joining a Bible study at school. I ended up being asked to lead a group for my football team.

I couldn’t believe it. They all knew me as the ‘party Daniel.’ What were they going to think if I asked them to Bible study? The first night, eight guys showed up, and we shared our testimonies. We were diverse, but Jesus united us. This was our first taste of real biblical community, which excited us all.

One night, my football coach came and offered an invitation — God led two of my good friends to be baptized! The next week they were standing on stage sharing their testimonies of brokenness and restoration through grace. I was so amazed and humbled to be a part of this.

Through this experience, God called me to do this with my friends at home. Over the summer, my high school friends and I got together and experienced the Holy Spirit’s work in us. This time of prayer and study of God’s Word was special. God taught me that my life should be all about Jesus.

I’ve learned that life is about worshipping the Lord and serving Him.

I also learned living on mission should be done everywhere and anytime. I went to Paris on a mission project, and when I came home, I knew I should be doing the same thing in Jackson. Some friends and I went to Smith Park and started serving and sharing with people. We’ve continued to serve them, feed them and love them. I see them every week, and they’ve become friends. Jesus taught me to see and love others as he sees them. Being on mission is living relationally and missionally all of them time, wherever you are.

I am blown away by how I have been renewed by Jesus’ sacrifice, how the Holy Spirit has transformed my heart, how prayers have been answered and how barriers have been broken. God has motivated me to live humbly at His feet and serve and love others. I’ve learned that life is about worshipping the Lord and serving Him.

— Daniel Myrick, Pinelake Reservoir