Exalted Among the Nations

05.08.20 | Covid-19, Be The Church

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak and all of our new online resources, Kayla Golden, one of our missionaries in Honduras, is staying connected to Pinelake like never before. Through online small groups, the Porch and online services, Kayla is joining familiar faces for teaching and community. God even met a significant need through those she’s reconnected with.

“I watched online services before, but the chat was often quiet,” Kayla said. “Now, everyone is on and it gives me a lot more connection with people I miss.”

Another revived connection includes her small group. When Kayla first left the country nine months ago, Jill Knight’s small group in Oxford became her advocacy group, committing to pray for her and checking on her regularly. However, when Kayla’s step-dad died after a five-year battle with cancer, the small group stepped up to support her.

“It’s hard to process grief from across the world, but if I left, I didn’t know when I’d be able to come back because of the virus,” Kayla said. “And I was worried about the cost of a plane ticket home. That was one of my biggest fears in leaving—that I wouldn’t be able to afford a flight home if there was ever an emergency.”

Kayla shared her the news of her return home, and Jill, knowing that Kayla’s entire mission is financially tight, asked how she planned to pay for it. Kayla told her that World Global Outreach would pay for it, but that she would eventually pay them back. Jill shared the need with her small group, and in three days, they covered the cost of the ticket with $14 to spare.

“Under the circumstances of returning home to a funeral and also this crazy time of social distancing and no income, I didn’t want that bill to be an issue,” Jill said. “There was no doubt in my mind that God would meet this need through these precious ladies.”

Kayla is abundantly thankful for the provision, but her decision to leave her position in Honduras was not an easy one. Now that she’s home, Kayla is reminded by Psalm 46:10 that she can rest in God’s plan.

“There’s no ‘if Kayla stays in country,’ or ‘if COVID chills out,’” Kayla said. “He will be exalted among the nations, with or without me. Therefore, even in the unexpected, I can rest in the fact that He is God and that He is sovereign.”

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