Feed Faith, Not Fear

05.06.20 | Covid-19, Be The Church | by Sarah McCullen

It always takes faith to give, but when we trust God and give back a portion of what He’s given us we often see the evidence of His work. Sandra Callahan took the next step in her faith by choosing to continue to give even when her husband’s business closed.

“God tells us in Malachi to trust Him in the tithe, and I knew that a global pandemic was not the time to choose not to honor the Lord,” Sandra said. “So even though we were stressing about bills, continuing to tithe was not a question.”

They continued to tithe, but then Sandra started a Passover study with another ministry and once again, she felt God calling her to trust Him with her finances and make a contribution to the ministry. She did, and that afternoon while working in the yard with her stepdad, she got an unexpected surprise.

“My stepdad’s mother passed away, and he told me that instead of waiting to bless me with my inheritance, he wanted to give it to me now,” Sandra laughed. “It was more than enough to meet all of our needs throughout my husband’s business closure.”

In addition, her husband Brian applied for a small business administration loan to be able to pay his employees but did not expect to receive any money. After receiving the inheritance money, however, they received more exciting news—they got the grant.

“We are blessed,” said Brian, “Only five percent of businesses that applied for the money got it. Praise the Lord.”

Although we don’t always know how God is going to use our money when we give, we know that He is faithful and trustworthy, and He always uses it to accomplish His purposes.

“If there’s something He wants to do, He’ll get it done,” Sandra said. “He’s taught me to revere Him as sovereign and that there’s nothing to fear. His perfect love casts out all fear, and in times like this, you have to feed your faith, not your fear. You may not always know His plans, but He knows what He’s doing and He’ll multiply what you give.”

Here at Pinelake, we celebrate the opportunity to honor God financially. When you trust God and give back our church is equipped with important resources that allow us to see Mississippi changed one life change story at a time. To take a step of faith and invest in God’s work both here in Mississippi and around the world, visit