Financially Prepared for COVID-19

04.27.20 | Covid-19, Be The Church | by Sarah McCullen

When Keith and Aleisha Brown sold their dental practice in Lucedale and excitedly moved to Madison last year to start a new one, they never expected God to realign their financial priorities, deepen their faith and prepare them for COVID-19 in the process.

“We sold our practice and were ready to start a new one in Madison, but it just didn’t happen that quickly,” said Keith. “We kept running into brick walls trying to get it started, but we know now it just wasn’t God’s time yet. He had some house-cleaning to do in us first, specifically financially.”

“We always made good money and we spent good money,” Aleisha said. “Keith was the main breadwinner in our family, so I never asked questions. We had a lot of toys, and then when we moved, we had to adjust.”

Unable to get his practice started, Keith, for a while, had no job. However, both he and Aleisha desired to learn how to be wise stewards of what they did have, so they registered for Financial Peace University (FPU) through our Madison campus. Eventually, Keith found a job, and with tools from the class, the couple learned to tithe faithfully, pay off their debt and save an emergency fund.

“God taught us what it means to be content, and it’s been healthy for our marriage,” said Aleisha. “We now talk about our finances and make decisions together, and our family has learned how to be more content. Now, because of COVID-19, we haven’t been able to work since the first week of March, but we have enough money saved up, and we’re not scared. We don’t have extra income, but God put priorities in order for us.”

Aleisha and Keith found joy and peace in honoring God through their finances, and they now rest confidently in His provision. With deeper faith and more content spirits, their relationships with each other, their children and God are flourishing.

“We know that God has provided for us in the past, and He’ll continue to,” Keith said. “We want to bless others, and it’s not a sacrifice when you know it’s God’s will. Even though it’s been hard, we really feel like God prepared us for this season so that we can see His will.”

You can honor God with your finances and bless others in our community just like the Browns. Visit, and stay tuned for the next Financial Peace University at each of our campuses.