God is Moving in the Midst of the Pandemic

04.30.20 | Covid-19, Be The Church | by Sarah McCullen

Our online services may reach people in Poland, Spain and other far-away countries, but they’re also reaching across Mississippi to those we love in communities like Senatobia. There, Burton Doss, the administrator at Senatobia Healthcare and Rehabilitation is streaming our services to 106 television sets throughout the facility. 

After Burton Doss arrived in February 2019, he asked the residents what they wanted more of and they responded, “more church.” Burton attended Pinelake Madison for years, so he started streaming our services in a communal activity room. First, they had two, then 10, then 20 who came to watch. However, when coronavirus hit, all communal activities ceased.

“Because of isolation, our residents were hungry for community, and for the Gospel,” said Burton. “Now, we stream the services on the community channel and our nurses help them turn it on if they want it, and they’re much more confident and hopeful now, and their demeanors just changed.”

The room where Burton originally streamed the services only held about 20 people, so isolation created an opportunity to get our messages to even more people. Because of the impact, he’s witnessed, Burton encourages other nursing homes and long-term care facilities to consider doing the same thing.

“I wish everyone could see what’s happening behind these walls,” Burton said. “It’s amazing how God has spoken to our little community in the midst of all this bad.”

God is moving in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and if you have a story, we want to hear about it. To share the ways you’ve seen God moving lately, visit