Living Life Less Selfishly

04.03.17 | Written Stories


Kelsey Canterbury was living life for herself. As a 7th grader coming to Ignite on Wednesday nights, she was learning in her small group that her attitude and outlook needed to change. She knew she needed God in her life, so last November she gave her life to Jesus. As a new Christian, Kelsey began making better choices and learning what it means to truly follow Christ. Kelsey’s life was changing and she knew she wanted Emily Robinson, her best friend, to experience the same kind of transformation.

Emily had been thinking about making the decision to follow Jesus, but she just wasn’t ready. She was scared to share her story and was generally shy and slow to open up with others. Knowing this, Kelsey took the opportunity to walk Emily through the same 3-Circles Gospel Drawing that she had seen when she met with a decision counselor at Ignite. Hearing her friend articulate the message of Jesus helped Emily understand that she was now ready to receive the salvation only Christ can offer. So on a Wednesday night in January Emily gave her life to Christ.

Today, Kelsey and Emily are together nearly every Wednesday night at Pinelake. The middle school ministry has truly changed both their lives. Emily loves to talk about the Bible and bring Scripture into conversations. She loves to encourage her family by leaving notes with Bible verses throughout the house and getting them excited about church on Sunday mornings. When the opportunity arose to be baptized together at Renewal Kelsey and Emily knew they had to take it. Kelsey made room in her heart for friends like Emily and because of students like her and others our middle school ministry continues to see more life change stories written.

— Kelsey Canterbury and Emily Robinson, Pinelake Reservoir