Making Room in Their Hearts and Home

03.31.17 | Written Stories

Tim and Leslie Comings knew God had something more in store for them when in 2006 Tim was diagnosed with a form of leukemia. The cancer was in its earliest stages and Tim was given six to eight years to live. Tim would have to give up his large-animal veterinary practice in upstate New York, so the Comings began exploring their options for mission work. God led them to an opportunity to be house parents at French Camp Academy (FCA), a Christian boarding school for kids in crisis.

Tim and Leslie’s son had been a student at FCA and each time they visited their heart for the residents grew. Many came from broken homes or had difficult relationships with their family. The Comings understood that the students were in a spiritual battle so in 2007, when the Comings began serving as full-time house parents, they knew God had a plan for them. For seven years they ministered to the girls in their care, helping to prepare them for the future and pointing them toward a relationship with Jesus.

Today, Tim is in great health and his check ups with the oncologist are fewer and farther between, but the Comings continue to share the good news of Jesus with the same sense of urgency. Leslie now serves part-time as a dorm sub and Tim is responsible for facility maintenance, but they are intentional about using their interaction with the students to share their hope in Jesus. They bring girls to Sunday morning worship at Pinelake Starkville as a reward and they have students over to their home near the academy for Sunday dinner or weeknight ice cream parties. They are encouraged by letters they receive from past students who have gone on to become parents and lead productive lives.

Years ago, Tim and Leslie made room in their hearts for the next generation and because of their obedience to follow God’s leading new life changes stories are being written.

Tim and Leslie Comings — Pinelake Starkville