Spiritually Making the Most of Your Time at Home

04.16.20 | Covid-19, Be The Church | by Sarah McCullen

Schools are cancelled because of the COVID-19 outbreak, so kids are at home and spending increased time at home with their families. One Pinelake family is making the most of their abundant time together, and on Palm Sunday, their youngest son found Jesus.

Philip and Jennifer Donahue, members at our Madison campus, faithfully transitioned with us to online services because of the COVID-19 outbreak.  Their two kids, Adelyn and Isaac, begin the service worshipping to the music with their parents, but then watch Pinelake Kids videos during Chip’s message. On Palm Sunday, Isaac and Adelyn joined Philip and Jennifer after their video for communion.

“Isaac started asking what the difference was between believing in God and being a Christian,” Jennifer said. “We explained it to him, and he said he was ready to be a Christian. Philip asked him some questions and asked him what he believed, and then we prayed and took communion as a family. After that, he ran around the house singing ‘Hosannna,’ and said, ‘Now that I’m a Christian I can make up my own songs to Jesus!’”

Because of their increased time together and the worship in their home, Jennifer said her family is growing spiritually.

"Our kids are learning how to worship and pray because they’re getting to watch us,” Jennifer said. “We’re often on our knees in worship, and Philip, because of the time we’ve had at home with them, is getting to teach them how to pray. Isaac, after accepting Jesus, prayed out loud on his own and found his own words, just talking to God… It’s so fun to see little ones grasp who Jesus is.”

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