Who We Are

Our Framework

Welcome to our house. We are one church in multiple locations bound together by a common vision and mission grounded in the truth of the Bible. We live by a set of values that not only distinguish who we are, but also keep us on target as we seek to accomplish our vision and mission.  

Vision + Mission

"Our vision is to see Mississippi changed one Life Change Story at a time."

What We BelIEvE 

Pinelake is firmly founded in the Scripture of the Old and New Testaments. We believe there is one true God who provided us salvation from sin through his son Jesus Christ. It is in a personal relationship with Christ that we become spiritually alive by experiencing and responding to the presence of God who lives within us — we call it inside out living.

Our Beliefs


Our Story

The story of Pinelake Church began in February of 1971 in Brandon, Mississippi.  The church started in a mobile chapel just off of Spillway Road and has grown to become the church we experience today.  People from all over Mississippi join together in multiple locations for worship each Sunday. 

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We recognize that Jesus is the head of the Church and we look to Him for direction, insight and wisdom in all things. Our pastors and ministry staff are submitted to Christ’s authority and lead our church in areas of spiritual direction, teaching, ministry programs and strategic planning. 

Our Leadership

Todays L3 Bible Readings
  • Story Plan
    • Genesis 25:19-34
  • Chronological Plan
    • Genesis 25-26
  • One Year Plan
    • Gen. 39-40
    • Ps. 9
  • Two Year Plan Year 1
    • Genesis 23:1-20
    • Acts 8:25-40
    • Matthew 6:16-24
  • Two Year Plan Year 2
    • 1 Chronicles 12:19-40
    • Revelation 3:1-6
    • Matthew 6:16-24