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Why Should I Obey God?

10.17.16 | Sermons

Nobody likes to be told what to do. Individualism is human nature. Even if we trace back to the very beginning, the first conflict recorded in the Bible is of a man and a woman deciding that God’s command was limiting them, so they broke...

Living a Radical Faith

07.25.16 | Sermons

Our world seems to be increasingly hostile toward Christian values. We could all list countless examples of those who have been attacked for living their faith. In fact, those who stand for truth are considered foolish. We can no longer afford...

3 Steps to Get Past Your Big Mistakes

06.16.16 | Sermons | by Chip Henderson

Have you ever done anything stupid? That’s a rhetorical question. We’ve all had those moments where you look back and say, “What was I thinking?” Let’s talk for a moment about getting past spiritually stupid &mdash...

How God Uses Imperfect People

06.06.16 | Sermons

The apostle Peter can seem like something of a hero — he’s got his own zip code even. He’s treated as if he’s the “best of the best.” But, really, he’s had his image “doctored” just a...

What’s Behind Effective Prayer?

05.02.16 | Sermons

There’s power in prayer! Your prayers resonate in heaven and impact life on earth. God answers our prayers and wants us to pray. The church was founded in a prayer meeting in Acts 1, and almost every chapter in Acts sees the church praying...

Robbing Graves: The Resurrection and the Life

03.28.16 | Sermons

Easter is a celebration, but we need to be clear on what we are really celebrating. We celebrate Easter today because Jesus is alive, we are alive and hope is alive. Jesus has the power to do anything. No situation, circumstance or issue is...

3 Truths that Can Transform Your New Year

01.04.16 | Sermons

In Mark 3, Jesus totally blew up the lives of 12 men. They didn’t have it bad before; they all had their own deals going; and life was going along fine. But in a single day, everything changed. Their lives went from normal, fine and...

When You’re Thirsty for Something More

10.20.15 | Sermons

Are you thirsty? When you read that, maybe you suddenly realized that you needed something to drink. But a desire for water or coffee isn’t the type of thirst we’re talking about here. Do you have a thirst for “something...

It’s You—You’re God’s Representative

09.14.15 | Sermons

We are God’s representative. How many people are being drawn to Christ because of you and the way you live? Who is hearing about the reconciling love of Christ because of you? He’s entrusted this job to you.

Sermon Recap: Identify With Christ in Baptism

09.08.15 | Sermons

What did Jesus teach about baptism? Matthew 28:19-20Jesus spoke about three phases of the Christian experience. Become a disciple Be baptized Live out who you are in Christ What did the early church practice? The book of Acts is full...

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