As Christ-followers, we’re called to be disciples and to disciple others. But how do you start? We’ve developed a great resource for you to work through with a mentor or as you disciple someone — it's called Foundations.

Foundations walks growing believers through the elements of L3 living and provides great tools for mentoring others toward learning, living and leading. It’s a dynamic tool no matter how you elect to use it. However, it’s most powerful when you live life together with a mentor. So, we encourage you to connect with a mentor who is spiritually mature and walk through the curriculum provided.

Just ask someone, whether it’s offering to disciple someone or finding someone to disciple you. You can also contact the Adult Group Ministry at your campus and they can help connect you with someone.

The approach to walking through Foundations is simple and direct. While no two people will walk through any characteristic in the same order, you will use these same directions for every learning module:

  1. Your mentor will ask you to LEARN about a characteristic by reading, watching and listening to teaching regarding the subject. 
  2. At the end of the learning component you’ll be asked to LIVE out what you learned. 
  3. You will meet with your mentor and he/she will LEAD you through your understanding of each module and guide you toward your next steps.