Missions + Church Planting

Our goal is to bring real life change to our communities and the world. As individuals and families, we are missionaries where we live, work and play. Together as a church, we plant churches and support ministries here at home and around the world. We all have a part. Are you ready to get involved or want to learn more? Then let us know and we will help you take your next step or attend Engage at your campus.


How We Engage

Missions is a way of life. Every believer is called to participate in the mission of making Jesus' name fully known. Being a "missionary" is first and foremost something you are more than something you do. At the same time, living missionally means letting who you are flow out in how you live!  
At Pinelake, there are many opportunities to grow as followers of Jesus and to live out your missionary passion. 


Loving your neighborhood
International neighbors and students
Campus local opportunities


June 8 | City Serve Day (2nd Saturday)
June 23–28 | Camp Hope, Jackson (We Will Go)
June 29–July 5 | Sports Camp, Jonestown (But God Ministries)
July 13 | City Serve Day (2nd Saturday)
August 10 | City Serve Day (2nd Saturday)
August 23–24 | City Missions Intensive (We Will Go)
October | City Missions Intensive (We Will Go)


September 26–30 | Boston


June 16–22 | Dominican Republic Medical Team (HMM)
July 2–6 | Matamoros, Mexico Family Mission Experience
July 6–13 | Haiti Medical Team (HMM)
July 20–27 | Rancho Ebenezer, Honduras (WGO)
Fall 2019 | India, Men’s Teaching & Training
Dec 27–Jan 2 | Matamoros, Mexico Family Mission Experience


is Pinelake’s sending process for missionaries serving from one month to two years.

is for those called to serve long term (two years and more), whether as full-time missionaries or individuals/families using their vocations to reach the nations.


Want to know more? Need help finding the right opportunity for you? Email your campus Pastor of Missions Mobilization or attend ENGAGE, an introduction to Pinelake Missions.


Where We Engage

Our Communities

We love our community and want to bless our neighbors by being the hands and feet of Jesus. A number of Pinelake partners share the hope of Jesus with the people living in our cities. You can be a part of serving with these partners regularly. 

Our State

The vision of our church is to see Mississippi changed one Life Change Story at a time. We engage our state by working with partnerships in our capital city, Jackson, and in the Mississippi Delta. We also serve alongside our church planters across the state. 

Mississippi Delta
In March of 2017 during the Making Room Launch, our pastor, Chip Henderson, led us toward expanding our ministry vision to include those who live in the Mississippi Delta, a region known for hardship. The missions team here is guiding this effort as we partner with local organizations like But God Ministries to bring hope to the Delta.

Our Country

We engage our country through church planting. Pinelake seeks to be a disciple-making church by being a multiplying church. One of the most effective methods for multiplying is through the planting of new churches. 

From partnering with one of our church planters to being a part of our church planting residency, there are opportunities for you to engage our country.

Our World

Pinelake works with missionaries and churches around the world to engage in mission work of all kinds.

The objective of global missions at Pinelake is two-fold. We want to be part of establishing the church and raising up disciples who become disciple-makers themselves. That means we send missionaries and teams to places in the world where people have little-to-no knowledge of Jesus Christ.

We also encourage and strengthen churches where they already exist. Pinelake is committed to disciple-making and life-change alongside the existing church in those places.

Pinelake is serving in dozens of countries on five continents. These missionaries were once sitting in our worship gatherings, and the Lord called them to go. Some are called to go for a long time, others are called only for a season. We believe that all are called to go, and some must go far.


Are you ready to get involved or want to learn more? Then let us know and we will help you take your next step or attend Engage at your campus.





Engage is the first stop on your journey to partnering with Pinelake to engage your community and world. The one-hour orientation will not only inspire you, but also, provide a foundational understanding to all that Pinelake Missions is about and how to take your next steps. Click the button below to view Engage events at your campus.

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