Life Change Resources

Are you looking for ways to learn more about Jesus, help with leading your small group or how to create healthy spiritual disciplines? Life Change Resources provides you with all the resources you need to continue to grow in your relationship with Christ while staying connected to what we’re learning at Pinelake.

Pinelake App

Pinelake has developed an app that makes accessing resources on your phone or tablet easy. With the app, you can watch a sermon, read or listen to the L3 Journal daily Bible passage, keep up with the blog and more.

L3 Journal Bible Reading Plans

The L3 Journal is our Bible reading plan and method for daily reflection on the Word and prayer. It’s an easy-to-follow guide that takes you through the Bible and helps you establish the practice of hearing from God through His Word every day.

Pinelake Music

Our worship team joins together to create original music and resources for other worship leaders. Check out their most recent work.