Missions Experiences

Adventure of a Lifetime

As individuals and families, you are a missionary where you live, work, and play. We desire to see you bring real-life change to our local communities and the world. Discover missional living through an experience lasting just a few hours to a few days.

Experience At A Glance

You’ll experience missionaries and churches worldwide where people have little-to-no knowledge of Jesus Christ. Pinelake is committed to disciple-making and life-change alongside the existing church in these locations. Take your first step today by selecting a region in the world to experience.

Our Missions Engage Event is designed to give you the inside scoop and answers to your questions about upcoming experiences, local partners, disaster relief, and get to know your campus missions team. Click below to sign up and move one step closer to going on an epic adventure in 2023!

The next Missions Engage Event will be on May 7 at 11:00 a.m. at every campus.

    The devastation from the recent tornados has left communities hurting for resources and aid. Below are multiple ways you can offer support today and into the coming weeks. As opportunities develop and depending on specific needs, we will provide financial support, send teams to aid in the disaster relief effort and provide supplies directly to our ministry partners.


    How do I sign up?

    Click Here and select which experience you’re interested in participating in. If you don’t see a specific trip, look at the “At A Glance” page to see when registration will be open for upcoming trips.

    How do I pay?

    Our online payment system is simple and secure through missions.pinelake.org. Your trip leader will go over the payment schedule and fundraising. You will pay an initial deposit of $100 to complete registration for any trip at missions.pinelake.org, and you can log back into your personalized trip page for remaining payments. Note that the remaining cost will vary by trip and can be found under “trip details”.

    What qualifications do I need?
    • Pinelake partner or attender
    • Growing faith in Jesus
    • Willingness to learn and follow a team leader
    • Passport
    Can my family go on a trip?

    Yes! We encourage families to share in mission experiences together. Age limits vary by team and trip size. We usually let our field partner speak into specific ages.

    Missions Stories

    Missionary Prayer

    Prayer isn’t part of the work – it’s the heart of the work. We invite you to practice missionary prayer – not only praying for missions and missionaries but believing prayer itself is missionary. Consider joining us every day at 10:02 a.m. to pray for missions and missionaries.

    Want to learn more?

    We’d love to hear how God might be moving in you and tell you more about all the ways we’re sharing Jesus in our communities and around the world.