Our House Promise

At Pinelake Church, our commitment to safety and spiritual growth is at the heart of Our House Promise (OHP). Our environments and protocols are crafted to safeguard minors, our servant leaders, and staff members. Pinelake has implemented rigorous screening for all servant leaders working with minors, including face-to-face interviews, reference verifications, and criminal background checks. Pinelake staff and servant leaders undergo annual training and adhere to a strict policy of never being alone with a minor.

Our House Promise is our steadfast commitment to train, screen, protect, report, and care to ensure a safe and spiritually enriching environment. 

And you can help! Understanding and supporting Our House Promise makes our church safer for everyone. On this page, you’ll find resources to familiarize yourself with our policy and empower you to report any safety concerns. Your involvement is key to maintaining a secure environment for all at Pinelake Church. Thank you for helping us keep our promise.


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