It all started here in a small chapel in 1971. Since then, God has done more than we could ever imagine by changing thousands of lives all over the Reservoir area. When we gather each week, we come believing that God continues to work right here and right now.

Meet Our Team
Steve Parten

Campus Pastor, Reservoir

office: 601-829-4520

Adam Day

Pastor of Ministry

office: 601-829-4527

    Hannah Lane

    Lead Minister, Adult Groups

    office: 601-829-4533

      Melinda McAdams

      Minister, Adult Groups

      office: 601-829-4528

      Chad Tainter

      Pastor, Adult Groups

      office: 601-919-4124

        Darren Miley

        Pastor, Adult Groups

        office: 601-829-4532

        Jeff Holland

        Lead Pastor, Congregational Care

        office: 601-829-4572

        Hayden Kelly

        Pastor, Adult Groups

        office: 601-829-4531

          Garrett Griffith

          College Pastor

          office: 601-829-4503

            Matthew Spencer

            High School Pastor

            office: 601-829-4504

              Ember Gryder

              High School Minister

              office: 601-829-4518

                Brandon Pierce

                Lead Middle School Pastor

                office: 601-919-4171

                  Melissa May

                  Middle School Minister

                  office: 601-829-4571

                  Grace Munro

                  Middle School Minister

                  office: 601-919-4176

                    Sam Estes

                    Children's Pastor

                    office: 601-919-4112

                      Wendy Colson

                      Preschool Minister

                      office: 601-829-4529

                        Victoria Renegar

                        Director of Childcare

                        office: 601-829-4530

                          Connor Blankenship

                          Sports Ministry Associate

                          office: 601-919-4107

                            David Shepherd

                            Lead Pastor of Worship

                            office: 601-829-4506

                              Katie Boles

                              Vocal Director

                              office: 601-829-4538

                                Kaitlin Wright

                                NextGen Worship Minister

                                office: 601-829-4553

                                  Connor Thompson

                                  Worship Leader

                                    Chris Clark

                                    Pastor, Mobilization & Missionary Care

                                    office: 601-829-4511

                                      Corey Clemens

                                      Production Specialist

                                      office: 601-829-4558

                                        Ty Park

                                        Ascend Resident

                                          Anna Lacy Sellers

                                          Ascend Resident

                                            Marah Williams

                                            Ascend Resident

                                              Lauren Hunt

                                              Ascend Resident

                                                Pinelake Staff

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