The Search for Significance

By Robert S. McGee

“The Search for Significance” by Robert McGee is a bestselling book that helps readers find self-worth by confronting lies that trigger self-doubt and pointing to a higher truth found in Almighty God.

Soul Keeping: Caring for The Most Important Part of You

By John Ortberg

Your soul’s state impacts the rest of your life. Many souls are starved of satisfaction in our materialistic world. John Ortberg’s book helps you find your soul and discover true divine depth.

Why Am I Like This?

By Kobe Campbell

“Why Am I Like This?” by Kobe Campbell offers trauma-informed, faith-based coping mechanisms to help readers heal their minds and deepen their intimacy with God.

The Healing Path

By Dan B. Allender

Life hurts us all, but we can choose how we respond. If we ignore our pain, it will numb us. But if we use our suffering to draw closer to God, it can lead us to a better life. The Healing Path is the way forward.

Seven Desires

By Mark & Debbie Laaser

This book explores seven desires common to all people – to be heard, affirmed, blessed, safe, touched, chosen, and included. The book uses stories, biblical references, and psychological principles to explain each desire and provide tools to create emotional and spiritual intimacy and repair relationships.

Healing for Damaged Emotions

By David Seamands

In his classic work, David Seamands helps us identify hurdles like guilt, low self-worth, and perfectionism. He shows us how to find freedom from our pain and enjoy the abundant life God wants for us through living compassionately with ourselves and allowing the Holy Spirit to heal our past.

The Soul of Shame

By Curt Thompson

Shame is a spiritual disease that affects every aspect of our lives. Psychiatrist Curt Thompson provides theological and practical tools to dismantle shame and embrace healing. His expertise and compassion will help you identify your own pains and struggles and find freedom from lifelong negative messages that bind you.

Live No Lies

By John Mark Comer

We are in a war with lies. The lies we tell ourselves and those we accept from the culture around us can harm our emotional and spiritual well-being. John Mark Comer’s book “Live No Lies” offers a strategic plan to overcome these lies and win the war. It’s time to start living truthfully and rejecting the lies that hold us back.