The Place We Find Ourselves

The Place We Find Ourselves is a podcast hosted by Adam Young, a licensed therapist in social work and ministry. This podcast explores the relationship between story, trauma, and therapy. Tune in to learn how trauma and abuse affect us and how to find healing and restoration.

The Allender Center Podcast

The Allender Center Podcast features Dr. Dan Allender and his team engaging topics on healing and restoration through the unique intersection of theology and psychology. 

Being Known Podcast

The Being Known Podcast is a series of conversations on the mind and how we interact with our faith, communities, and ourselves hosted by Curt Thompson, MD and Pepper Sweeney.

Faithful & True Podcast

The Faithful & True Podcast is hosted by Dr. Greg Miller, Director of the Men’s Journey Workshops at Faithful & True, and co-host Randy Evert. This podcast is dedicated to helping men who are struggling with pornography and sexual purity issues and their wives who are struggling with betrayal.

Emotionally Healthy Leader Podcast

Many pastors and church leaders today feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and frustrated that their churches don’t seem to be making mature disciples. The Emotionally Healthy Leader Podcast explores the paradigms and practices leaders need to transform their church culture and multiply deeply changed disciples.