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Your life matters, whether you realize it or not. You were made for more than just living out your years. You have been called and equipped to step into God’s kingdom plan for your life. We can all use whatever skill or talent God has gifted us with to serve Him and His church. When we do this, we join the mission of Pinelake to lead others to Christ. We call it servant leadership.  

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College students can get connected into small groups where they study God’s Word, are strengthened in their relationship with Christ and have opportunities to serve and go on mission.

Small Group LeaderInvest in the lives of college students through leading a small group where students will grow in their walk with Jesus, build relationships with each other and be cared for.

Events Team MemberHelp plan and execute life-changing events for college students, including the Passion Conference, GroupUP, mid-semester connect events, and nights of worship.

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We believe in the power of storytelling — in word, image and video. We want you to be a part of helping capture stories of life change.

Social MediaHelp share the stories of life change around Mississippi.

Videography/PhotographyHelp capture video and photos of God moving in the hearts of people at Pinelake.

Live Stream HostHelp create a warm and welcoming environment for the poeple joining us on the Pinelake Live Stream.

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Guest and Member Services

Guest and member services works to create a welcoming and loving environment for anyone who comes to Pinelake. We go out of our way to provide direction and hospitality and to give our guests a great first impression.

UshersHelp people find seats, remove distractions from worship, collect the offering, assist with of special ministry moments, provide an attendance count and reset the Auditorium after services.

GreetersHelp create a warm and welcoming environment at Pinelake. Greet people warmly, assist those who need help entering the building, provide directions and encourage and pray with those who need it.

ParkingCreate a safe and friendly environment outside the building by directing traffic, transporting attendees to and from the building as needed and ensuring safety at crosswalk areas.

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Little Lakers

Little Lakers (for infants through age five) experience a fun and loving environment where they can play with other kids, sing songs and learn about the Bible in a way they can understand.

Teacher TeamWork with other classroom leaders to teach and engage preschoolers in God’s Word through provided curriculum and activities. Serve on a biweekly or weekly basis to share a Bible lesson through pictures, activities, crafts and music.

Large Group TeamLead and teach preschoolers how to worship through provided music and Bible story videos. Teach and reinforce the weekly Bible lesson by engaging with preschoolers through creative worship, puppets and Scripture memory verses.

Guest ServicesWelcome and engage our new and existing preschool families, host new parents and give them a tour of Little Lakers and distribute snacks.

Baby Dedication/Celebration TeamHost during the parenting class, assist in preparing dedication material and help guide families during the evening dedication and reception. Follow up with families after the dedication to help them get plugged into group life and serving.

Weekday SupportAssist the preschool team through various weekly tasks, including computer work, organizing classrooms, preparing and organizing Sunday morning supplies and curriculum, organizing and updating servant leader nametags and preparing the Preschool Resource Room for Sunday morning leaders.

Sonrays TeamLove special needs preschoolers by creating a safe environment for them during worship by either working with them in a designated special needs room or helping them take part in a regular classroom.

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Pinelake Missions is primarily about giving glory to God in all places. We want you to be a part of this mission with us. Pray about where God is calling you to go — whether it's down the street, to another state or around the world, partner with us in sharing the love of Christ.

Local MissionsJoin in bringing real life change with our ministry and missions partners in your community and region. Opportunities include one-day service teams, ongoing volunteer work, city missions in Jackson and much more.

Mississippi DeltaGod is using Pinelake to write life change stories in the Delta. Join a prayer group, a mission team or engage in a long-term ministry in our state.

Global MissionsPinelake Missions is primarily about seeing where God is working and joining Him there. Global projects are designed so that one day individuals from all peoples, nations, tongues and tribes will receive the Gospel of Jesus and give God the glory He is due.

Church PlantingOne of the most effective methods for evangelizing the lost and growing them as disciples is through the establishment of new churches. Pinelake seeks to be a disciple-making church through training, equipping and sending out church planters and ministry teams to establish and equip life-giving churches.

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Every week, dozens of people in Pinelake Operations keep our house humming along. These dedicated servant leaders make sure our facilities are safe and organized.

Weekday supportAssist at any campus by answering phones, welcoming guests at the front desk, painting walls, mowing lawns, setting up and taking down portable equipment, making copies and helping with various ministry roles.

SecurityHelp create a safe environment at all our campuses during regular worship services and special events.

The WellProvide a welcoming experience at Pinelake by serving coffee and snacks, cleaning, engaging guests and answering questions.

Medical ResponseThose trained in the medical field can help guests who become ill or injured during a Pinelake event. Serve while attending church or during other events, such as concerts and camps.

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Pastoral/Congregational Care

Help us pastor and care for our congregation and our community. Provide comfort and support for those dealing with hospitalization, grief and loss or financial struggles.

Spiritual CounselingShepherd people who are ready to take the next step in their life change story by praying with them, walking with them and leading them forward.

Marriage MentorsLearn to walk engaged couples through the journey of preparing for a healthy marriage. Or help married couples take healthy steps back toward God’s path for their relationships and families.

BaptismHelp prepare those who are coming to be baptized. Spend time with them and pray with them while they await this next step in their life change story.

Care/Support MinistriesLife has special seasons of pain and joy. Help people deal with hospitalization, grief and loss, planning for a funeral, financial struggles or anything else they face. Ways to serve: bereavement, funerals, hospital visits, prison ministry, nursing home visits and the Care Center.

Healthy Finances TeamMeet with members who need financial assistance or guidance, as well as teach an equipping class called Good Sense. Provide counsel and support to those with immediate needs as well as long-term guidance for making healthy financial decisions.

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Pinelake Kids

Pinelake Kids (from first through fifth grade) has an exciting and safe environment where they can play, sing and learn about God.

Large Group TeamUse creative elements to lead children in worship through songs and group activities or work behind the scenes to provide the best experience possible for kids.

Small Group TeamWork directly with 8–12 kids in a small group. Build relationships, lead them through Bible stories and be a part of shaping their faith.

Guest Services TeamHelp provide an inviting environment for kids and parents. This team is divided into three areas: Welcome, First Time Guest Experience and Check-in.

Baptism TeamShepherd kids and parents as they make the important decision of receiving Christ as their Savior and taking their next step to baptism.

Sonrays TeamLove special needs children by creating a safe environment for them during worship by either working with them in a designated special needs room or helping them take part in a regular classroom.

Weekday SupportMake copies, sort materials and resources, create fun projects and other elements for our kids, arrange rooms and more. You can serve in a variety of ways during the week in the kids ministry.

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We believe in the power of prayer. Whether you have a need for healing, hope, support or salvation, we want to take time to pray for you.

IntercessorPray regularly for our congregation, our missionaries and our church planters, as well as the requests that come into the church. Follow up with people who request prayer.

War RoomJoin others in praying for our worship services, pastors, staff, missionaries and the people of Pinelake. War Room teams meet in the Decision Counseling room 10 minutes before each Sunday morning service and pray throughout the service.

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Prison Ministry

God can use your unique gifts to love and minister to the lives of people who are incarcerated in our state.

MentoringMake a difference in the lives of people who are currently incarcerated.

Transitional MinistryMake a difference in the lives of people who are transitioning out of prison.

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Small Groups

Creating biblical community through small groups helps us Learn from Christ, Live in Christ and Lead others to Christ.

Small Group LeaderLead a small group of 4–12 people each week or every other week in all types of locations. Love people and have a passion to disciple and encourage them to Learn from Christ, Live in Christ and Lead others to Christ. All leaders are trained and receive ongoing coaching support.

Connecting PointEach week, help people find ways to serve, get in a group, receive help and take the next step. Our Connecting Point team serves before and after services to guide people towards their best next step here at Pinelake.

Events TeamThroughout the week we host various mid- and large-sized events. Help with hospitality, room hosting, greeting, administrative duties and whatever is necessary to serve our event attendees before, during and after events.

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Student Ministry

A ministry for students to gather and learn how to have a relationship with Jesus, meet with Him every day and live out their faith.

Middle School

We’re passionate about seeing students become leaders of today and tomorrow as they follow Jesus. Each week, we provide them with safe and fun environments to learn about the God who loves them, and we do so in ways they can understand.

Small Group TeamRelationally connect with, pray for and encourage 8–10 students in a small group. Take ownership of training them to be godly disciples.

Guest ServicesRoll out the red carpet to welcome students into our house. There are multiple roles you can serve in this area from greeting them upon entry to the baptism team to ushering them into the room — as well as serving at our coffee shop or check-in stations.

Spiritual CounselingStudents have lots of questions about the Gospel and salvation. Engage students one on one in the discipleship pathway.

Worship ProductionLead up front in worship or in the back with technology. The only way for students to know the Gospel is to hear it.

Sonrays TeamLove special needs students by creating a safe environment for them during worship by either working with them in a designated special needs room or helping them take part in a regular classroom.

Events TeamStudents love to invite their friends to these events. Join the team to assist during these high-volume moments to make our house an inviting place for guests.

Prayer TeamPrayer is critical to the success of a healthy life. Pray with students and teach them how to talk to God.


High School

We’re passionate about High School students. Each week, we provide them with safe and fun environments to learn about the God who loves them, and we do so in ways they can understand.

Small Group TeamPray for students and lead them in discussions. Small group leaders are the relational connection and guide for students.

Guest ServicesThis is the front door to high school ministry. Provide a warm and welcoming environment that communicates love and acceptance.

Spiritual CounselingDiscuss with students what they’re hearing from the Lord and how He’s leading them. Help students discover and take action on their next steps spiritually.

Worship ProductionLead and make happen all production of music and technical support for high school ministry.

Sonrays TeamLove special needs students by creating a safe environment for them during worship by either working with them in a designated special needs room or helping them take part in a regular classroom.

Home HostOpen your home to host and provide a welcome environment for our small groups of students each week.

Events TeamLead out on setup, logistics and other details for special events, such as summer camps and weekend retreats.

Prayer TeamGather consistently to pray for how the Lord is leading and will move in the lives of high school students. Dedicate focused prayer times around regular student activities and special events.

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Worship (Music/Production)

Pinelake Worship is a collective team of musicians, technicians and creatives who desire to lead people into a genuine encounter with the presence of a holy, merciful and loving God. We serve our house during our weekly worship services. We also partner with other ministries throughout the week to support their needs in bringing expressions of worship to their gatherings.

BandProvide the foundation of our music on Sunday mornings. Instrumental needs include acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums and keys.

VocalsBring to life the songs we’re singing as a church. On-mic vocalists cover all parts — lead vocals and background harmonies.

AudioProvide the audio mix in our rooms. By combining all spoken elements, music and video components, create the overall sound experienced during service.

VideoProduce the visual content for screens. Provide all on-screen material by running a camera or punching buttons on a video switcher.

LightingHelp produce the visual atmosphere of worship. Program all of the looks and run the cues from the light console.

Lyric OperatorProvide lyric and sermon material throughout the service. Utilize a user-friendly software to display this content on the screens.

Stage ManagerSet the stage before and during a service. Provide the music, hosting, teaching and baptism teams with necessary cues for timely entrances.

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Todays L3 Bible Readings
  • Story Plan
    • Genesis 25:19-34
  • Chronological Plan
    • Genesis 25-26
  • One Year Plan
    • Gen. 39-40
    • Ps. 9
  • Two Year Plan Year 1
    • Genesis 23:1-20
    • Acts 8:25-40
    • Matthew 6:16-24
  • Two Year Plan Year 2
    • 1 Chronicles 12:19-40
    • Revelation 3:1-6
    • Matthew 6:16-24