The body of Christ known as Pinelake believes that Jesus is to be the head of the Church in all things. Pinelake Church is led by the pastors and ministry staff team in all matters of spiritual direction, teaching, ministry programming, strategy and priorities. The pastors and staff of Pinelake work under the spiritual oversight of a group of leaders called Elders. These Elders function as overseers for the church in the areas of theology, accountability, wisdom, church discipline and prayer.



Senior Pastor

Dr. Chip Henderson has served as Pinelake's Senior Pastor since 1999. In that time, Pinelake has grown from 700 people to more than 9,000 on four campuses. His passion for seeing Christ bring about powerful life-change in people—as well as his commitment to biblical, life-application teaching—has sparked dynamic spiritual growth in the life of the church and beyond.

He holds a Ph.D. in New Testament studies, is the co-creator of the L3 Journal, and serves on the Board of Directors for the Launch Church Planting Network. He and his wife, Christy, have three children: Rachel, McKenzie and Reagan.



Senior Executive Pastor

Tim Smith came to Pinelake in 2003 and serves as Senior Executive Pastor, a role in which he provides directional and organizational leadership to the church. He is passionate about developing the next generation of leaders, as well as being a catalyst for church development and church health.

He and his wife, Lynette, have two children, Levi and Zoe.



Executive Pastor of Ministry

Jeff Redding serves as the Executive Pastor of Ministry at Pinelake. He leads all of Pinelake's Adult and Family Ministries by working with our campus pastors and ministry leaders. Jeff is passionate about leadership development and helped coordinate Foundations, Pinelake's online discipleship resources.

He and his wife, Jennifer, have two children, Mitch and Lynn.



Executive Pastor of Operations

Rod came to Pinelake in 2004 from the Houston, Texas, area and serves as Executive Pastor of Operations. He oversees all of Pinelake's business and administrative functions, including accounting, communications, technology, and facilities.

Rod and his wife, Pamela, have three children: Hillary, Mallory and Rawley.




Lead Pastor of Worship

Andy Frank serves as the Lead Pastor of Worship where he provides strategic leadership and guidance to Pinelake’s Worship Ministry. He leads the Worship team through his musical background and production knowledge with a passion for serving and discipleship.

He and his wife, Jobey, have two children: Bella and Lily.




Lead Pastor, Missions and Church Planting

Dan Barber serves as Lead Pastor of Missions and Church Planting, and in this role coordinates Pinelake's vast local, national, and global missions efforts. He has lived overseas extensively and is passionate about indigenous church planting movements that grow and thrive in their local context.

He and his wife, Allison, have three children: Kathryn Ann, Ramsey, and Titus.




Director of Staff

Scott Wiggins serves as our Director of Staff playing a key role in overseeing our efforts to shepherd, train and develop Pinelake's staff. He focuses on the professional and spiritual development of staff members, leads our Human Resource Team and works closely with our Personnel Team and Elders.

He and his wife, Jenna, have two children, Abby and Kate.



Campus Pastors

The campus pastor’s role is to cast vision, teach, develop strategy, love people and lead the staff team of the campus.

Other Campus Staff: Clinton, Madison, Reservoir, Starkville