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Be The Church is your discipleship roadmap to spiritual formation modeled after the early churches’ rhythms and practices to live as Jesus lived. Found in the Bible in the book of Acts 2:42-47. These four markers form the framework of GrowPrayConnect and Share. Which next step is God calling you to in order to deepen your relationship with Him and better share His love with others?

What began in a mobile chapel located on Spillway Road in February of 1971 has grown to become the church that we experience today, where people from all over Mississippi join together in multiple locations for worship each Sunday.

Our vision is to see Mississippi changed one Life Change Story at a time by helping people Learn from Christ, Live in Christ, and Lead others to Christ. Discover more by clicking below.

Pinelake is firmly founded in the Scripture of the Old and New Testaments. We believe there is one true God who provided us salvation through his son Jesus Christ.

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Fulfill your calling when you join the Pinelake Church, staff team. Our vibrant family of ministers and leaders with a great heart to reach our world with the love and grace of Jesus Christ. We’re a movement that embraces the hallmarks of health, honor, honesty, humility, harmony, health, and empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Apply today to join our incredible staff team!

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