Pinelake Worship

Our worship team joins together to create original music and resources for other worship leaders. Check out their most recent work.

Worship Albums

“Lovingkindness (Live)” is a collection of three original songs written by the worship leaders in our church family. These songs give language to prayers of surrender, gratitude and worship in response to the lovingkindness of God that is expressed through the sacrifice of His son, Jesus.
As you listen and sing these songs back to God, we pray they build your faith and help you minister to the Lord in worship.

“Lovingkindness (Live)” is available for streaming and download.

Slow Me Down is a prayer. We live in such a busy and rushed culture, but it’s our heart to slow down that pace as a church. This song is a heart-posture that you can take as a moment to breathe, pray, lean into God’s presence, and ultimately recalibrate your heart to a slower speed of spirituality. When people listen to this song, we hope they’ll take a deep breath and pray these words to the God who loves them, sees them, and hears them. And when it’s over, maybe they’ll feel a little bit more at peace.

Slow Me Down is available for streaming and download.

Telling the story of Jesus is our favorite thing to do! There is no better-starting place than the beginning – Christmas. Combining familiar favorites with new declarations and arrangements, King Among Us captures the humility of Christ’s arrival while celebrating His triumphant reign as King.

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Born and raised in Houston Texas, Davy Flowers is a worship leader and songwriter who carries a passion to see people from all walks of life encounter Christ for themselves in authentic and transforming ways. Her heart’s desire is to write songs and lead worship in such a way that connects broken and weary hearts with the power, presence and love of God. She is currently a Resident Artist and Songwriter at the Worship Initiative and is a Worship Leader at Watermark Community Church.

Download or stream on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, and more.

Worship Pastor Resources

If you’d like to incorporate one (or all) of these songs into your worship planning for Christmas, we would love to provide you with the resources needed for your team to lead the song! Click the button to find chord charts and stems for all five tracks. All of these items are FREE for you to download and use as needed.