Turkey Earthquake

The devastation from the Turkey & Syria Earthquakes has left communities hurting for resources and aid. Below are ways you can offer support today and into the coming weeks. As opportunities develop and depending on specific needs, we will provide financial support and send supplies directly to our ministry partners.

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How You Can Help

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Ask God to guide the search and rescue teams in the right direction to rescue those trapped by the rubble. To strengthen the churches there to be Jesus-centered neighbors, bringing unity, solutions, and care for their hurting communities. For the global church to provide supplies and manpower in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

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Give Today

By offering help through financial support, you can directly impact these communities. To give, click below and change Ministry Offering to Disaster Relief after following the link.

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Disaster Relief Partners

Pinelake has partnered with Convoy of Hope and CitiImpact to aid in the relief effort. Distribution of relief supplies has begun. Sending food, water, and relief supplies to the area — meeting basic needs as survivors navigate the heaviness of what comes next.

To help in the relief effort, give financial support today.

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Campus Missions Pastors

To learn more about how your campus is aiding in the response effort, email your campus mission’s pastor by clicking their name below.

Clinton Campus | Todd Livingston

Madison Campus | Jared Willis

Oxford Campus | Garrett Barber

Reservoir Campus | Chris Clark

Starkville Campus | Ryan Vaughn