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Church Planting

A Disciple-Making Church

One of the most effective methods for evangelizing the lost and growing them as disciples is through the establishment of new churches.

Pinelake seeks to be a disciple-making church through training, equipping and sending out church planters to establish life-giving churches. 

Pinelake’s church planting efforts are expressed in four ways:

  1. Planting churches
  2. Leading a church planting residency
  3. Mobilizing volunteers to serve with church planters
  4. Participation with like-minded churches and organizations in efforts to equip and train church planters

Church Planting Residency

Our Church Planting Residency is an 11-month training program which prepares church planters to establish life-giving churches. The church planting resident participates in learning environments and customized coaching by Pinelake staff members. Learn more about the Church Planting Residency.

Pinelake Church Planters

Bryant May

The Exchange Church
August 2012
Pearl, MS

John Hickman

Everyday Church
September 2013
Oklahoma, OK

Ashley Austin

Canvas Church
September 2014
Victoria, BC

Chris Causey

Encounter Church
January 2015
Boston, MA

Chad Lunsford

Echo Church
September 2017
Avon, IN

Kyle York

Harvest Church
January 2018
Madison, MS

Brent Isbill

Epic Life Church
March 2019
New Braunfels, TX